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About Miryam Ish 

Who is Miryam Ish?

She is Inspired

Miryam Ish grew up with her parents in Rotterdam: her father being active in music business and her mother with love for singing and fashion. Miryam Ish is known as a singer, model and songwriter. In recent years she has performed nationally and internationally as a performing artist. Together with musicians and artists in both the Netherlands and Europe. During this travel Miryam Ish developed her writing skills and started writing her own songs as well as those for other artists.

She is Fashionable 

Next to Miryam Ish’s music adventure, her other passion became more serious, which is Fashion! This was translated at fashion shows of  La Nuit de la Mode and Salonè Della Moda, Africa Fashion Week and Amsterdam Fashion Week, where Miryam Ish became noticed by the press and by fashion designers. Other places around the world where Miryam Ish performed are Fashion Shows in Liverpool, London, Istanbul and of course Amsterdam.

She is Determined

Miryam Ish is not only a singer, songwriter and a fashion model, she is also a dedicated mom and the life partner. Their lays a deeper burning desire for her passion, which is Miryam Ish’s biggest WHY: being an inspiration for her daughters; an example that everything the mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve!

She turned her Passion into work

Early 2018 Miryam decided to take concrete steps to turn her passion and experience as Performing Artist, International Model and Host on Fashion Events into work for her own company. And she developed her own Mission, where Empowerment is the motto, the Key to inspire other people and to get them grow.


In 2019 she started collaboration with her Business Partner, Ron Brouwer. Ron is an experienced Credit Financial and Analyst. But Ron is also a professional Photographer and Editor and both started working together to establish a solid Business Plan and were able to register the new company called Essentials of Fashion in December 2019. 

Essentials of Fashion

“The company's mill revolves around the “Essence of human”, says Miryam Ish. “By living from your “essence” your purpose fulness and life energy will increase. It has not only become a compass but also an anchor for our Photography and Training. And I say that to all Models who walk into my Fashion Studio and whom I personally coach. That I have been able to turn my passion into my work, makes me very grateful every day.” 


Essentials of Fashion:

-Fashion, Glamour and Portrait Photography

-Model Coaching

-Catwalk Training

-Portfolio Training

-Become EOF Model

-Hasselblad Courses


WhatsApp Image 2020-10-19 at

The Team

Miryam Ish

CEO and Creative Director

Ron Brouwer

CFO and Photographer


EOF Team Members

Giselle, Make-Up Artist

Zenaïda, Stylist and Fashion Designer

What Clients are saying

​"Ik vond het een hele mooie ervaring, je leert er veel bij en het is een rustige omgeving waar je staat. Je krijgt tips en je wordt goed geholpen".

Serena Duvaloois - 14-06-2020

"Miryam and her Business Partner Ron are a very creative and skillful duo that make you feel super comfortable during the shoot!


I highly recommend Essentials of Fashion for professional, top grade photos!" 

Lena Fx - 24-05-2020

"I recommend photoshoots with Essentials of Fashion. Photographers have good taste and good patience. They will surely tell you how to look well. The hostess herself is a model and knows how to work on camera. I am very grateful and I want to make a summer session again!"

Tiger Blue - 24-04-2020

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